Below are our six signature flavors which are available in kegs or bottles year-round. We always have at least two seasonal flavors, depending on the fresh local produce available. For any additional questions, send us a message!


Sun SAlute: Ginger Tumeric

Sun Salute is our boldest kombucha, offering spicy ginger flavor and earthy turmeric notes. Sun Salute is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse, providing the heal-all elixir that’s great for your health.


Happy Baby: Lavender

Happy Baby is our most mild yet floral flavor. If you’re a lavender lover, Happy Baby will soon become one of your favorites.


Lotus: Hibiscus

Lotus’ bright pink pop of color will grab your attention first, but you’ll want to stick around for the main attraction. Lotus is surprisingly light, but pleasantly tart. 




Wild Thing: ApPle Ginger

Wild thing is crisp and fresh with a kick of ginger. Wild Thing is perfect for those who love ginger but don’t want to be overwhelmed by it.


Sphinx: Mojito

Made with fresh mint, Sphinx is the perfect beverage on a summer day. Sphinx is light and refreshing, with a little hint of tartness from a splash of lime juice.